Gourmet Nuts

 The Dormen Classic Range offers a quintessential combination of exemplary nuts and moreish snacks. These are perfect on their own or with an accompaniment.

Here you'll find our wide and varied range of snacks. From our small snack packs, 20g to 27g which are handy as a little pocket snack. 
Then we have our bigger snack bags. These range from 40g to 50g and have our classic Traditional Dry Roasted Peanuts to our own blended Fiery Chilli & Lime Cashew and Peanut Mix.
Looking for something a little more luxurious? Then look our for our pouches - 85g to 100g, bursting with nine different varieties, from a Luxury Bombay Mix to our delectable Smoked Almonds. 
For those who just can't go without, we have our large sharing resealable pouches; 400g to 800g. A variety of four products are available from Japanese Rice Crackers to our sizeable and loveable Salted Peanuts. 
Whatever your snack hankering, we have what you need!